Our Core Staff

Leeann Wheeler – Practice AdministratorLeeann Wheeler

Leeann Wheeler has more than 20 years of experience within the healthcare industry, accumulating extensive and diverse resources of knowledge. She has put these skills to work in the healthcare industry around the United States and internationally. She delivers strength in organizational policies, procedures, and systems that are essential to the development and fulfillment of our NewLIFE Mission. Her expertise spans the full spectrum of medical practice management from front office procedures, directional patient flow to efficient claims processing and collection. As the analysis of patient benefits are often complicated with fertility, Mrs. Wheeler will leverage her knowledge of insurance industry to the advantage of NewLIFE patients.

Leeann sees herself as a positive change agent, constructive to the growth of the organization’s Team, patients, and patients’ family-building. Having experience with practice marketing, she will promote public awareness and prospective patient empowerment, becoming the “cause champion” for access to quality, fellowship-trained, board certified specialist fertility care in our communities served.

Mrs. Wheeler leads the Team by example, applying sound judgment, decision-making, and prudent language in the, sometimes stressful and trying, situations faced by fertility patients. The calm offered by these personal traits undoubtedly enhances the patient experience at NewLIFE and leads to better outcomes and successful pregnancies.

Leeann is a member of Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and an American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE) nominee.

Michelle Kelson

Michelle Kelson – Fertility Nursing Coordinator

Michelle Kelson, RNC, BSN, LNC, has more than 30 years of nursing experience. Her career focus has been in women’s care. She has applied her knowledge and excelled in a spectrum of ObGyn/Women’s Health, Labor & Delivery, and Obstetrical Emergency Care. Michelle graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1986 with her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and is also certified in Inpatient Obstetrics and as a Legal Nurse Consultant.

Her life’s journey has been steadfast on a path of helping parents welcome a new life into the world. After such accomplishments, her career and focus have now taken a new direction in assisting want-to-be parents in their quest to become a family. For NewLIFE, Mrs. Kelson brings her career experience to help guide patients through successful new treatments available in the fertility field. Her ability to combine genuine compassion, resourcefulness and infectious humor is perfect for the tasks as Fertility Nursing Coordinator.

Mrs. Kelson is a believer that medical experiences can be alleviated of anxiety and stress when patients are well-informed and educated about the processes or procedures. She gained these qualities and understanding as an Instructor to nursing students, newly hired Labor & Delivery nurses, medical residents in training, and also working with expectant parents. Teaching and sharing confidence comes naturally to her and aids in explaining the spectrum of ART procedures, the use of medications and “what to expect” to patients. NewLIFE patients will be delighted with their care from Michelle Kelson.

When not with patients, Michelle enjoys quality time with family: her husband (a musician and recording producer), her children and grandchildren. Pleasure is anything that involves the beach, boating, traveling and listening to live music performances.

Pensacola Office

Jamie - Lab Technician

Jamie – Lab Technician

Alice - Financial Director

Alice – Financial Director

Stephanie – Insurance Specialist

Stacey - Office Assistant

Stacey – Office Assistant

Kelly - Sonographer

Kelly – Sonographer


Kristie – Registered Nurse

Bridged - Certified MA

Bridged – Certified MA

Jasmine - Patient Advocate

Jasmine – Patient Advocate

William - Lab Technician

William – Lab Technician

Panama City Office

Panama City Staff

Terri - Nurse Practioner

Terri – Nurse Practioner

Dony - Medical Assistant

Dony – Medical Assistant

Rachael - Licensed Practical Nurse

Rachael – LPN

Tara - Office Assistant

Tara – Office Assistant

Tallahassee Office

Tallahassee Staff

Tallahassee Staff

Mobile Office

Kathileen - Clinical Coordinator

Kathileen – Clinical Coordinator

Becky - Sonographer

Becky – Sonographer

Dothan Office

Dothan Team

Dothan Staff

Hannah - LPN

Hannah – LPN

Grace - Sonographer

Grace – Sonographer