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Why Choose NewLIFE Fertility for IVF?

Our Success

NewLIFE offers patient outcomes among the best in the nation. Success rates are proudly published annually at:  All of our physicians are fellowship-trained and board-certified fertility specialists.


Our Safety

Happy parents and safe pregnancies are everyone’s top priority! NewLIFE has delivered on safety by minimizing pregnancy complications associated with multiple births (with twins, triplets, etc.). We are the only area practice with the expertise of a Medical Director who is board-certified in fertility care. 


Our Savings

NewLIFE saves patients money with services that are 30-40% less than national averages, and below other practices in the surrounding area.  Attractively lower-cost packages are available when insurance is lacking. Our costs are kept modest by being true advocates for our patients.

For those patients without insurance coverage for fertility testing, NewLIFE provides a "bundled diagnostic package" to help patients complete an infertility evaluation and to begin exploring their treatment options.

*Source: Fertility IQ data (adapted to show local costs in a direct comparison of common services).
**The estimated prices shown are subject to change, and may not be reflective of current pricing.

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