Why I switched to NewLIFE

Age and Endometriosis require an Expert!

Our journey to parenthood began four years ago. My husband and I had no health issues. So we thought becoming pregnant would be a breeze.  How we were wrong!  We tried for 1 year, and after diagnostic tests with my Ob/Gyn returned “normal,” I opted for a diagnostic laparoscopy.  Sure enough, she discovered that I had Stage II endometriosis, a small fibroid and hemorrhagic cyst.  

Despite surgery for these problems, we were unsuccessful on our own and that ObGyn (I have since switched) recommended ANOTHER fertility clinic in Mobile.  An unrewarding experience with that office and several IUI’s, lead me to a little research that lead us to NewLIFE.  Even being a healthcare professional myself, I wasn’t aware that not all doctors who offer fertility care are actually trained in that specialty and certified. And apparently, they aren’t required to share this with patients.  But from our FIRST consultation with Dr. Ripps, we had a great feeling that this was where we would be successful.

By the time we found NewLIFE, I was already “advanced maternal age.”   Nothing seems to bring more anguish to a want-to-mother than to hear it “might be your age!”  But I already knew that, and Dr. Ripps shared a lot of positive wisdom. Putting all of our factors together, he didn’t suggest wasting time repeating less effective treatments. And he treated us like professionals that we both are, giving us all the data and statistics that reassured us of our chances of pregnancy. Just like their “Mission,” NewLIFE moves quickly, for their patients’ benefit!

With this kind of expertise, despite my age, the NewLIFE team brought us early success. With the right doctor (credentials matter) and the “right sauce” (the team, the lab) not only did we conceive but we had extra embryos to try for baby #2.

It was a LONG journey, made a little longer by trusting other’s advice, but our success would not have been possible without Dr. Ripps, his great staff and the power of prayer. We are a family now and are forever grateful.

Best Wishes to others on the journey.