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How to Find a Certified Fertility Specialist

Fertility care is a cutting edge medical field.  Probably THE most important step patients can take to assure a good outcome is to seek care from a Fellowship-Trained, and Board Certified Infertility Specialist.

Even today with so much online information, it is surprising that patients continue to receive referral authorizations from their ObGyn doctor to a non-credentialed “specialist”.  A patient facing infertility should ask her doctor which specialist is “certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI)” and is a member of the Society of REI.  Continued care by a general ObGyn can delay access to the most advanced care, and time wasted reduces the chances of successful pregnancy.  NewLIFE patients understand and often share their experiences that illustrate the benefits of proper physician training and certification, Board Certification.

To find a physician with a REI certification, visit On this website, you can explore the Members Directory for the doctor(s) you wish to research.