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Using an Egg Donor

Our journey to parenthood…

The thought of infertility can be paralyzing when all you dreamed of was having your own family. Shock, denial, and anger were normal monthly feelings every month while we were trying to get pregnant. At 41 years old, we knew it would not be easy, but certainly possible. After trying on our own longer than we should have, we made our initial appointment.

We walked into New Life in Mobile, AL scared, nervous, unsure, and doubting all possibilities of having our own child. Upon immediate introduction to the clinical staff, we knew we chose the right place. From the minute we met, Kathileen, the office manager/medical assistant, we were at ease. One thing she mentioned still resonates with me today. She told us, “The process of having a child will not be instantaneous, and will require some effort, but it will happen and NewLife will support us every step of the way.” She was absolutely truthful.

We tried a few different simple treatment plans but nothing was working. The thought of IUI’s, or IVF and a myriad of other procedures was almost overwhelming, but as a couple we had committed to try everything. While we were given many next steps, from our testing, using a donor egg would give us our best chance of having a child. How would we pick the correct donor? What would our criteria be in selecting a donor egg? On a few occasions, we made jokes about selecting our egg was similar to online dating. We tried to maintain positive attitudes throughout the experience. The guidance provided by the NewLife staff along the way made the process meaningful.

As we began working with Dr. Ripps, we knew immediately he meant business. He spoke to us in a very professional, candid manner. We liked that, as we were less likely to misinterpret information. I knew I was overweight and had heard it could lower our chances. I needed a shift in my mindset and Dr. Ripps coached me on specific vitamins and an effective low carbohydrate regimen I thought to myself, “How will I ever live without carbs?” The answer was easy….we wanted a family, more than anything else. We listened to Dr. Ripps and if others would too, the results will be positive.

In the midst of our journey, we were facing a military transfer. We did not want to leave Mobile and NewLIFE; however, everything worked out. We were transferred just 75 miles down the road to Pensacola. What a relief! We were able to continue our journey.

After moving to the Pensacola area, we easily resumed our treatments at the Pensacola office. We met some new faces, in a new office, and a new treatment plan. The donor egg route was now our only option. The treatment included a variety of medications and several different routes of administration, a bit overwhelming and I was uncertain how I would keep up. The support of the NewLIFE staff and an amazing pharmacy made understanding and taking the medications easy.

Transfer day was upon us. Nervous, excited, and uncertain; we knew this was our chance. The transfer was a painless process, actually a pleasant visit. After the transfer was the hard part, a long wait until the blood test to determine pregnancy. The wait and all the anxiety disappeared when we received positive results. Over the next week I had a few blood tests and continued to be monitored. It was finally our time.

Arriving for my 6 week appointment and seeing the ultrasound made things real. Two weeks later. I was back for my eight week ultrasound. Everything was fantastic. I was graduating to my OBGYN and, bittersweet, I would no longer be seen at NewLIFE. I became so comfortable and was fearful to head to a new physician, but I knew it was part of the course.

While you may not face the same challenges we did, one thing is certain, you will receive the best care with the utmost professionalism at NewLIFE. From Dr. Ripps to the clinical staff to the admin staff, you will be treated like an individual, and not just a patient or number. In closing, my only advice to those of you trying to make a decision on selecting a doctor or clinic, do not wait. NewLIFE will provide everything you need.