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Cycle Batches & Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Stories

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Note: A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics and treatment approaches may vary from clinic to clinic. Please visit for more success rates information. 

Your journey to parenthood is uniquely yours. For some, that path may be straightforward—while others may face challenges that require additional support, such as fertility treatment. NewLIFE Fertility understands the complexities you may be facing throughout your journey. Our fertility clinic offers a wide range of services, including in vitro fertilization (IVF).

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Successes at NewLIFE Fertility

In the spring of 2024, NewLIFE Fertility experienced remarkable success with our cycle batching technique—which delivered on our mission to help achieve the dreams of individuals and couples looking to start or build their families.

NewLIFE completed 32 fresh IVF cycles on patients of varying age ranges in April, and 56% of these patients are currently celebrating pregnancy successes. This impressive success rate highlights the benefits of our approach, potentially providing a reliable and effective path to achieving pregnancy.

Throughout March and April, our embryologists achieved great results for individuals and couples:

  • Performed embryo transfers for 32 patients, ranging in ages
  • 18 patients currently carry healthy single pregnancies, confirmed by OB ultrasounds
  • 26 positive pregnancy tests
  • This cycle marked the first time all 32 patients received a single embryo transfer

We believe this milestone underscores the quality of embryos produced in our laboratory and our dedication to reduce the potential for multiple gestations to better ensure outcomes for our patients.

NewLIFE Fertility’s Cycle Batching Techniques

Our cycle batching technique brings several benefits to our patients. By concentrating our assisted reproductive technology (ART) efforts, we streamline the work of our lab, staff, and clinical team. This focused method allows us to focus embryology assistance efficiently to provide the best care and outcomes.

Predictability for Patients

Patients appreciate knowing their schedule in advance, with set monitoring dates and retrieval weeks. This predictability allows them and their partners to arrange work schedules and coverage ahead of time, reducing stress and allowing for better preparation and support.

For patients who travel greater distances for superior fertility care, this predictability makes travel arrangements easier to plan.

Enhanced Outcomes

After 30 years of refining this approach, we’ve found that ART outcomes are significantly better. This improvement is likely due to increased personnel efficiency, optimized lab operations, and higher patient satisfaction, which lowers stress.

How We Address IVF & Multiple Pregnancies

NewLIFE Fertility prioritizes the success of your goals to build and grow your family. Because of this, our IVF treatment only transfers one embryo at a time, known as single embryo transfer (SET). Why? Single embryo transfers greatly reduce the risk of multiple pregnancies (like twins and triplets) to allow for a healthier and safer experience for both the mom and baby.

Additionally, NewLIFE Fertility batches our cycles. This means every patient goes through their IVF journey at the same time during specific weeks throughout the year. In turn, this ensures all egg retrievals occur during the same week, typically every two months.

We believe in transparency throughout the process, and we want you to reach your goals. Before you begin any IVF treatment, your fertility specialist will walk you through this—and all—information.

Your Path to Parenthood Begins Here

NewLIFE Fertility takes the time to understand your path to parenthood. Our fertility specialists will develop a personalized treatment plan to best align with your goals and values. We’ll answer your questions and guide you through the entire process with the compassion and understanding you deserve.

If you’re considering IVF treatment, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our fertility specialists.