NewLIFE Fertility is a part of the First Fertility family of centers.

Learn what this means for our patients.

Personalized Care

Fertility practices, like the physicians, come in different flavors. What a patient experiences in Atlanta or Dallas, would likely be quite different in Pensacola. Big cities offer glitz and glamour, rush and bustle, often accompanied by additional stress and certainly much higher costs.  There seems to just be more time in a smaller community and it is often reflected in the care and interactions.  Couples seeking assistance find that the NewLIFE Team is attentive to their clinical and personal needs, making the entire process easier. This unhurried atmosphere is achieved by allocating enough time for patients and by providing compassionate listening, responding to patient queries in a timely fashion.

The physicians and nursing coordinators at NewLIFE identify with a holistic approach to fertility treatment, taking into consideration the special needs and desires of each patient. It is this impeccable attention to detail that sets the tone for the practice, resulting in a positive experience for all patients.