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Fertility Surgery Testimonials

Laparoscopic surgery isn’t difficult in good hands…a trustworthy doctor in Mobile, Alabama!

Because I understand how women might feel about having surgery for infertility, I wanted to share my experience, especially because as a nurse I can share more insight.  As for many women these days, my childbearing journey began a little later in life as I made priorities of my education, nursing degree and gaining some career experience before making a family.  Recognizing that age might be a factor, I didn’t start at the ObGyn, but made a decision to establish with a Board-Certified specialist.  Girls, do your homework!  A doctor is NOT a doctor….

I met with Dr. Ripps and there was no delay in making a plan for me.  I immediately started my fertility journey using medications combined with inseminations. Despite great responses, I was frustrated by the lack of success. But with the guidance of Dr. Ripps and his nurse, Toni, in the Mobile, Alabama office, I began to consider laparoscopy to investigate what could possibly be preventing me from getting pregnant.

I never imaged how easy this would be, as medical procedures go. Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely hate the idea of having any type of surgical procedure. I was counseled that it would be a short recovery with very little discomfort.  Being in the medical field, I know more than I’d like to. But with Dr. Ripps’ confidence and Toni’s confirmation, my fears subsided and I agreed.

At my preoperative appointment, I received a short list of instructions for the day before, the day of, and the days after surgery.  All of it was so surprisingly simple…and what puzzled me the most became the best part, as I didn’t have to take any narcotic pain pills.  Why?  Because I WOULDN’T NEED THEM!  I didn’t want to miss much work and I certainly didn’t want to feel drugged from pain medication. I just felt confident that if I followed this protocol exactly as directed that I was going to be ok.

My surgery required about 1 hour and I was done…wide awake in recovery with absolutely no pain at all. I’m not exaggerating. I woke up and was totally surprised that I wasn’t hurting!  I did not have nausea from the anesthesia even though I have always been the one who wakes up sick after surgery.  My surgery only required two very small incisions that healed so quickly and I can’t find the scars now.  Other women (yes, online) complained about shoulder pain, but I didn’t have any, probably because Dr. Ripps says he knows “how to get the gas out.”

I returned to a full work schedule 3 days after the surgery and I work 12-hour shifts in a hospital, on my feet for the majority of those hours. Yet, I never had to take anything other that what Dr. Ripps had prescribed which was an anti-inflammatory.  In retrospect, I probably could have returned to work sooner but did not really know what to expect.

I am sharing my story so others will approach this diagnostic surgery without fear, especially if you have a great surgeon like Dr. Ripps who has earned my trust.  Then, you will gain the confidence to make your baby dreams come true.

– Shannon W.