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Tubal Ligation Reversals

For women, a previous sterilization by a tubal ligation does not have to be permanent!

Dr. Ripps is a Fellowship-trained and Board Certified (SREI, ACGE) Reproductive Surgeon with more than 20 years of tubal ligation reversal (TLR) experience.

The procedure is usually completed as “outpatient” or “same-day” surgery and patients are able to return to their routine activities quickly. As with patients who “vacation” in Pensacola, Florida to receive fertility treatment, a successful tubal reversal procedure can be completed conveniently, recovering with your “toes in the sand” before returning home. Florida locations are ideal to accommodate out-of-town patients. Delightful hotels are conveniently close and many couples vacation at the world’s most beautiful beaches during their visits.

This procedure for women yields excellent surgical results with re-opening of one or both tubes in 95% of cases.

A pre-surgical consultation and testing will help assure that TLR is the correct choice and that a successful pregnancy is likely. Though the woman’s age is a factor, for women with confirmation of open tubes, the NewLIFE experience offers a 71% pregnancy rate.

Providing low-cost reversal of tubal ligation is a specialty of New Leaders in Fertility & Endocrinology. In Pensacola and Tallhassee, most cases are completed for a predetermined fee* negotiated with the facilities and it includes the surgery, anesthesia, and facility fees.

*Actual cost may vary for some patients based on location, and an individual’s need for medications and other services.