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Welcome to NewLIFE!

Our Success

New Leaders in Fertility & Endocrinology offers fertility options, including sperm bank and egg donation, tubal reversal, artificial insemination and IVF with low incidence of multiple births.

NewLIFE has consistently offered fertility outcomes that are among the best in the country, with pregnancy rates consistently above the national average. We consider this fact to be one of our greatest achievements and a complement to dedicated efforts.

Our Safety

Since inception, NewLIFE has maintained a low incidence of multiple birth pregnancy. As multiple gestations have a higher risk of complications for the mother and the babies, it is important to note that more than 4 out of 5 NewLIFE conceptions are single babies. Nationally, NewLIFE ranks in the top 5% of fertility practices by an independent online consumer resource: www.FindTheBest.com

Our Savings

Cost-effective fertility care saves both time and money by managing a correct diagnosis with specifically effective treatments. NewLIFE, with locations in Florida and Alabama, offers fertility services at costs 40-50% less than the national averages. Costs vary with a patient’s unique fertility issues and a detail of costs can be provided after reviewing medical records and test results. NewLIFE also offers financing options that can reduce the time to begin treatment to have a baby.