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Military & Tricare

Military personnel and their spouses face unique challenges, and NewLIFE is a committed supporter of our troops and contracted “in-network” Tricare provider. Frequent relocation interrupts continuity of care and impedes access to specialists’ care, and as everyone knows, delaying fertility care lowers the effectiveness of treatment with age, and the chance of a successful pregnancy. Obtaining a “referral authorization” can be daunting, but knowing how the military insurance systems work can provide some great advantages.

For example, Tricare benefits cover initial consultations, fertility testing and some fertility treatments. And unlike some private health plans, the Tricare benefits for fertility care are clearly defined by the DOD. If a fertility specialist (board-certified in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility, “REI”) is not available at a Military Treatment Facility, Tricare subscribers are entitled to referral. For example, it is not necessary to start over with fertility pills, when they have not worked in the past, as this wastes precious and limited time.

Being denied an “authorization” for referral is frustrating. Know what you can do:
1) Find a “family-friendly” PCM or Ob/Gyn physician who will support and follow through on your referral
2) Request/demand advanced and more effective care by an “board-certified REI” to avoid being referred to another Ob/Gyn physician who may offer “fertility care”
3) Ask for support by the military’s legal team, JAG corps
4) Call to switch to Tricare Standard (instead of Tricare Prime). No authorization is required and fertility services that are covered does not change

Knowing how things work can make a “new life”.

Call NewLIFE for assistance….we love our military.