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Laser Hair Removal Services

Laser_HairRemovalLaser technology offers the best cosmetic approach to remove unwanted hair.

Both women and men utilize this advanced, fast and easy technology. It is available on-site in the comfort of our Pensacola office for virtually painless and care-free hair removal.

At your first consultation, you will be provided with information about this life-changing service, how it works and how to prepare for treatment. You will want to avoid sun exposure prior to treatment and leave hair follicles visible to aid in directing treatment. A test spot may be provided at the first session and a medical history is taken to determine if hormonal imbalances like PCOS are an underlying cause of excessive hair growth.
If hormone problems exist, women may wish to also consult with a endocrine specialist who will assist in stabilizing the underlying hormonal problems. Then, laser can remove the existing hair and its recurrence is minimized.

Treatments are usually spaced several weeks apart to allow dormant hair follicles to begin growing and thus become effectively treated at the next session. In as few as three to four treatments, this laser removes unwanted hair from the legs, arms, back, shoulders, upper lip, and the bikini area. Many people simply want to rediscover the ease, beauty, and confidence of hair-free skin and have that attractive appearance they’ve always desired.

Appointments and Costs:

  • Initial consultations are complementary.
  • Appointment times are flexible and after-work hours are available.
  • Discount Package Prices are available for common body areas.
  • Gift Certificates are also available in various amounts.