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IVF near Tallahassee FL

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a fertility treatment that can help many people in Tallahassee, Florida grow their families. The fertility specialists with NewLIFE Fertility have extensive experience providing IVF treatment to single women and couples who want to grow their families.

The Basics of IVF

IVF is an assisted reproductive technology that helps increase the likelihood of pregnancy for women struggling to get pregnant. During the process, mature eggs are retrieved from your ovaries, fertilized with sperm in our IVF lab, and transferred back into your uterus for implantation.

Some people opt for IVF when the time is right for them to grow their family after freezing their eggs or embryos years prior. Others start IVF cycles as soon as possible. The right option for you is something you and your fertility specialist will discuss based on your personal medical history, treatment goals, and family-building goals.

Getting Started: Fertility Consultation and Testing

When considering IVF, the first thing you’ll do is have a fertility consultation with one of our fertility specialists. During this consultation, we’ll discuss your reproductive goals, medical history, and previous attempts at conception.

Next, our specialists will recommend fertility testing. This helps our fertility specialists create an individualized fertility treatment, such as IVF, and any medications you may need to take.

Ovarian Stimulation

When beginning an IVF cycle, you will self-administer injections over two weeks for ovarian stimulation. This medication helps produce and develop more ovarian follicles and mature eggs. Your fertility specialist will monitor you closely through this process to determine when the follicles are mature.

When the follicles are mature, you’ll administer a “trigger shot,” which releases the eggs so your fertility specialist can retrieve it.

Egg Retrieval

Around 36 hours after you’ve completed your trigger shot, your fertility specialist will retrieve the eggs. Egg retrieval is a short procedure, during which, you will be under anesthesia to keep you comfortable. Guided by an ultrasound, your fertility specialist will insert a needle into your vagina. This is how your fertility specialist will retrieve the eggs from your ovarian follicles.

The entire procedure will take less than an hour, and you can resume normal activities typically within 48 hours.

Egg Monitoring and Fertilization

Our IVF specialists will monitor the eggs and fertilize them with sperm from your partner or a donor in our IVF lab. If your partner is experiencing certain factors of male infertility, such as low sperm count, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) can be used to inject a single sperm into an egg for a better chance at fertilization.

Embryo Transfer

The embryos will develop in our lab for five days, during which their development will be closely monitored by our highly trained embryologists. On day 5, the embryos are graded, and the best-graded embryo will be selected for transfer.

The day-5 embryo will be transferred into your uterus for possible implantation. Your fertility specialist will continue to monitor your progress, and you will return to our clinic 2 weeks later for a pregnancy test.

Learn More About IVF near Tallahassee FL

If you want to learn more about IVF and if it can help you grow your family, schedule a fertility consultation at a NewLIFE Fertility Tallahassee, FL, location. Our fertility specialists will walk you through every step of the IVF process and answer all of your questions.

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