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IUI near Pensacola FL

There are several fertility treatments available to help couples and individuals grow their families. One of these treatments, IUI, is done to encourage the fertilization process by providing a clear path for sperm.

If you are looking to start IUI near Pensacola, Florida, the experienced fertility specialists at NewLIFE Fertility are here to support you. We offer advanced, customized care to help our patients achieve their family-growing goals.

What is IUI?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) involves inserting sperm into the cervix to increase the chances of it successfully fertilizing a mature egg. During intercourse, only a small percentage of sperm will reach the egg. This procedure provides a more direct path for sperm to reach the fallopian tubes.

For couples and individuals who need assistance with reproduction, IUI is a good starting point. This treatment is generally faster and more cost-friendly compared to other fertility treatments.

Our fertility specialists may recommend IUI to help someone with unexplained or male infertility become pregnant. If a male partner has a low sperm count or related impairments, this process can assist reproduction. It also allows single or same-sex parents to have a baby using donor sperm.

The IUI Process

IUI is a relatively simple procedure that can be performed at our Pensacola clinic. In the weeks leading up to the procedure, our specialists will work with you to set up success. Your process will include the following steps:

Fertility Assessment

The initial fertility assessment is an important part of IUI success. We’ll need to identify and diagnose any infertility issues as well as test hormone levels to identify when ovulation occurs. Your tests may include bloodwork and ultrasounds. We’ll also need to perform a sperm analysis for a male partner.

Track Ovulation

Insemination should be performed while a woman is ovulating to ensure that an egg is released and ready to be fertilized. We can plan the procedure around the time of our patients’ ovulation. If you are not ovulating naturally, we can prescribe fertility medications to stimulate the ovaries and induce ovulation.

Concentrate Sperm

Once we have a sperm sample—either from a male partner or a donor—we can concentrate it and prepare it for the procedure. By concentrating the sperm, we can remove any non-motile (non-moving) sperm from the sample to increase the likelihood of it reaching the fallopian tubes.

Deposit Sperm

The IUI procedure is done using a thin tube called a catheter. The sperm sample can be inserted in just a few minutes. You will experience little to no pain during the process, and you may find that it feels similar to a routine pap smear. Our providers will ask you to lie down for a short time afterward, and you will be able to take a pregnancy test a couple of weeks later.

Discuss IUI with Our NewLIFE Fertility Specialists

As you work toward your family-growing goals, you can start IUI near Pensacola, FL, with our team of experienced fertility specialists. At NewLIFE Fertility, we are dedicated to helping all patients achieve the family they want.

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