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Tubal Ligation Reversals

For women, a previous sterilization by a tubal ligation does not have to be permanent!

Fellowship training and Board Certification (SREI, ACGE) as Reproductive Surgeons are credentials that set the standard for tubal ligation reversal (TLR). With more than 25 years of tubal ligation reversal experience, Dr. Ripps has an established record for surgical success and healthy pregnancies after TLR. These should be the most valuable criteria when seeking as surgeon for TLR.

At NewLIFE, the procedure is usually completed as “outpatient” or “same-day surgery” and patients are able to return to their routine activities quickly.

 This procedure for women yields excellent surgical results with re-opening of one or both tubes in 90% of cases.

A pre-surgical consultation and testing will help assure that TLR is the correct choice and that a successful pregnancy is likely. Though the woman’s age is a factor, for women with confirmation of open tubes, the NewLIFE experience offers a 70+% pregnancy rate.

Providing low-cost reversal of tubal ligation is a specialty of this practice. In Pensacola and Tallahassee, most cases are completed for a single predetermined fee,* negotiated to include the surgery, anesthesia, and facility fees.

As with patients who “vacation” in Pensacola, Florida to receive fertility treatments, a successful reversal procedure can be completed conveniently, recovering with your “toes in the sand” before returning home. Florida locations are ideal to accommodate out-of-town patients. Delightful hotels are conveniently close and many couples vacation at the world’s most beautiful beaches during their visits.

*Actual cost may vary for some patients based on location, and an individual’s need for medications and other services.