Don't give up hope after miscarriages....

Don't give up hope after miscarriages....

IrinaWe came to NewLIFE and Dr. Ripps after trying to conceive on our own for 2 years. We went through some screening and with some pretty severe issues, we were recommended to IVF as our best and pretty much, our only option to get pregnant. So we went for it. Our first two IVF attempts each ended in early miscarriage and the disappointment made us start to lose hope.

But when we felt we didn't have the strength in ourselves, we found tremendous support from everyone at NewLIFE that made it possible to keep trying. Dr. Ripps did not give up and began testing me for unusual conditions that might have caused the pregnancy losses. I was found to have inherited one of these (thanks Mom and Dad) but with the appropriate treatments, we were successful on the third IVF cycle.

Nine months later on St. Patricks Day, no less, we had our beautiful baby girl! She's happy, healthy and has turned one year old. It is difficult to describe how much joy she has brought to us. We are also so grateful to Dr. Ripps and staff at NewLIFE. We believe they can help anyone!

Irina and Charles

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