Success Rates with Assisted Reproductive Technologies


We are proud of pregnancy successes achieved at NewLIFE and also our safety record.  NewLIFE has provided a consistently low risk of multiple and complicated pregnancies. We offer our outcomes to be among the best in the country and ART pregnancy rates at NewLIFE have consistently been at or above the national average for years.  We consider this the greatest of achievements and a compliment to dedicated efforts. 

Nationally, IVF success rates have steadily increased annually but published reports are delayed by 2 years. For the latest outcomes for patients at NewLIFE, please contact our office, (850) 857-3733.

Comparing pregnancy outcomes from published reports has been exceedingly difficult for infertile couples. Statistics published online at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are often confusing and come with cautions to viewers that comparison between two practices is not valid nor advised. This warning illustrates that the factors most significantly affecting pregnancy rates are patient selection, how the couples are counseled and subsequently managed. Some practices artificially elevate their perceived statistics by encouraging good prognosis couples (younger, prior pregnancies, etc) to use ART while couples with a lower  prognosis (older, low egg numbers, etc) are declined access or referred for donor egg.

Consistent with our overall practice philosophy, NewLIFE attempts to avoid artificially improving our statistics. We offer honest counseling and patient education, and ultimately allow our couples to decide which therapies are desired.

As savvy consumers, infertile patients should use the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website ( ) to assess individual practices but as recommended, avoid the temptation to compare practices using these numbers.

A more recent resource for ART/IVF outcomes is the independent, online consumer resource, .  As this report presents both rates of success and safety, couples may find this report easier to interpret for their care decisions.

After all the debate, the best way to determine the chance of a successful IVF pregnancy is to meet with a Board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologist (, to determine the issues unique for an individual couple.  The professionals at NewLIFE would enjoy an honest discussion.


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Patient Testimonials

 Shauna & Jeremy,

When we decided to start our family things did not go as planned. So we sought the help of an OB/GYN in our local area. After one long year of fertility pills and two exploratory surgeries, our OB/GYN told us that she had done all that she could do. We were emotionally spent and frustrated....



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