Emotional Concerns Involving Infertility

Emotional Concerns Involving Infertility

Being challenged by infertility can be stressful. Taking steps to evaluate and treat infertility may be associated with feelings of anxiety and disappointment that can affect relationships and day-to-day function. Our commitment is to ease the process. Our facilities are specifically designed to be comfortable and quiet while our staff members make every effort to create a smooth and minimally disruptive experience. There is personal touch and a personal interest in seeing to all aspects of our patients' sense of well-being.

When needed, we recommend the services of qualified and experienced counselors, massage therapists, and alternative medicine providers. Clinical studies even suggest that these forms of assistance can actually aid in promoting conception earlier. 

It is well described and obvious that everyone has a limit to emotional stamina.  If exhausted, the thought of giving up becomes more likely and counterproductive.  This is why we adopted our philosophy to expedite patients' care.  We advance quickly and carefully.

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Patient Testimonials

 Shauna & Jeremy,

When we decided to start our family things did not go as planned. So we sought the help of an OB/GYN in our local area. After one long year of fertility pills and two exploratory surgeries, our OB/GYN told us that she had done all that she could do. We were emotionally spent and frustrated....



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