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Male Infertility

Men who are attempting to conceive receive diagnostic assessment with semen evaluation in a state-of-the-art laboratory within the practice and with genetic, hormonal testing, when needed.  Specialty laboratories provide the latest diagnostic technologies related to male and female infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss.  For male infertility, recent advances in sperm function testing are often more helpful in directing treatment than a traditional semen analysis.  We collaborate with the area's best urologic male-fertility specialists.

NewLIFE provides sperm retrieval techniques (PESE, TESA, TESE) for men with prior vasectomy and severely low sperm production. Diagnostic testing will help determine if some of these approaches will be successful. Men considering vasectomy reversal or direct sperm retrieval (without vas reversal) should consult with an experienced urologist or fertility specialist.  This effort will help select the best option for a couple's unique circustances. The length of time since vasectomy is an important factor.

When sperm are accessible in infertile men, fertilization is assisted in vitro with an impressively high success rate.  The technique called, IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) has dramatically improved outcomes for these couples.  This technology at NewLIFE is provided by a world-leader in sperm physiology and reproduction.

When sperm is obtained for future reproduction such as for men planning vasectomy or chemotherapy, NewLIFE offers cryopreservation on site and long-term storage arrangements through its affiliation with ReproTech, LLC (www.reprotech.com ).


Pregnancy Loss and Genetic Testing


The field of human reproduction is constantly advancing, bringing tangible benefits to patients. This is most recently evident for women experiencing the doubt and grief common with recurrent pregnancy loss. Yet, there is new hope with recently developed techniques that allow selection and transfer of only the most healthy embryos. 


Cost and Financing for Infertility Treatment

Costs of IVF and Insurance Coverage

At NewLIFE, we constantly seek to offer cost-effective fertility care, providing significant savings to our patients. These efforts are challenged by the specialized equipment and highly trained personnel required for state-of-the-art services.  We are proud that NewLIFE's ART charges are much lower than metropolitan practices and even below comparably-sized communities. A small community truly offers financial advantages. You may wish to read about the experiences of people who have saved in the What People Say section of this website.

We would enjoy providing you with detailed costs and showing how much can be saved after reviewing your records and identifying your specific needs. The causes of infertility are diverse and determine which services are needed.  Expenses for fertility medicines will vary with a patient's age and diagnosis.

The NewLIFE Team will work with you to help navigate the insurance process and then, to tailor services to specific clinical needs.   NewLIFE participates with most insurance plans and will file claims when appropriate. However, insurance coverage and benefits for fertility treatment can be ambiguous and usually require some investigation. Unfortunately, verbal confirmation from an insurance company representative will not guarantee payment.  Be assured, that our staff is uniquely trained to assist you in evaluating your health insurance policy.


NewLIFE's "Shared Risk" Philosophy

Over many years, some ART programs around the country had developed payment options, called "shared risk" plans. Some of these offer partial refunds if couples are willing to pay for several months of treatment in advance. However, they do not offer a refund if the couple conceives in their early attempts.  Programs with these "insurance schemes" benefit financially by offering these plan to patients with the best chances of early conception.  At NewLIFE, we find this approach disingenuous, if not dishonest.  We have avoided this and taken a better approach by offering ART treatment at below national rates. This allows each couple, regardless of prognosis, to decide how many and how often to attempt to conceive.


In summary, we are confident that when one compares, NewLIFE stands out as one of the lowest cost ART programs in America. Contact us by phone or Internet for more information.


Financing and Credit Resources: Accessing fertility care sooner

As an additional effort to assist patient's with their fertility journey, we participate with a financing resource, American Healthcare Lending (www.AmericanHealthcareLending.com).  Patients may apply online (click on logo/link below) and usually receive an answer about approval within 48 hours.  When patients need to access fertility treatment sooner, financing may be the best option for starting the family.  To access this helpful resource, use the information and links below:


Call:   1 (888) 602-6066


Surgery to Help Fertility

Laparoscopy (“band-aid surgery”) is the method of choice when surgery is needed to evaluate and to treat infertility associated with conditions such as endometriosis and adhesions. This minimally invasive and outpatient surgical approach offers shorter recovery and proven outcomes.


Tubal Ligation Reversal


For women, a previous sterilization by a tubal ligation does not have to be permanent! 

Dr. Ripps is a Fellowship-trained and Board Certified (SREI, ACGE) Reproductive Surgeon with more than 20 years of tubal ligation reversal (TLR) experience.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

PCOS Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common female "hormone disorder" and reproductive endocrinologists have continually been at the forefront of research and successful management of this often frustrating condition.


Research and Development

Research and Development

Dr. Ripps is a committed teacher and researcher affiliated with the Florida State College of Medicine. Pioneering efforts in the areas of infertility, osteoporosis, and endometriosis have secured national recognition and grant funding. Dr. Ripps continues to provide education to residents and practicing OB/GYN physicians through lectures, conferences, and seminars. His ongoing endeavors support therapeutic interventions that are at the forefront of reproductive medicine.

Emotional Concerns Involving Infertility

Emotional Concerns Involving Infertility

Being challenged by infertility can be stressful. Taking steps to evaluate and treat infertility may be associated with feelings of anxiety and disappointment that can affect relationships and day-to-day function. Our commitment is to ease the process. Our facilities are specifically designed to be comfortable and quiet while our staff members make every effort to create a smooth and minimally disruptive experience. There is personal touch and a personal interest in seeing to all aspects of our patients' sense of well-being.

When needed, we recommend the services of qualified and experienced counselors, massage therapists, and alternative medicine providers. Clinical studies even suggest that these forms of assistance can actually aid in promoting conception earlier. 

It is well described and obvious that everyone has a limit to emotional stamina.  If exhausted, the thought of giving up becomes more likely and counterproductive.  This is why we adopted our philosophy to expedite patients' care.  We advance quickly and carefully.

Success Rates with Assisted Reproductive Technologies


We are proud of pregnancy successes achieved at NewLIFE and also our safety record.  NewLIFE has provided a consistently low risk of multiple and complicated pregnancies. We offer our outcomes to be among the best in the country and ART pregnancy rates at NewLIFE have consistently been at or above the national average for years.  We consider this the greatest of achievements and a compliment to dedicated efforts. 

Nationally, IVF success rates have steadily increased annually but published reports are delayed by 2 years. For the latest outcomes for patients at NewLIFE, please contact our office, (850) 857-3733.


Laser Hair Removal Service

Laser technology offers the best cosmetic approach to remove unwanted hair.  Women and men utilize this advanced, fast and easy technology.  It is available on-site in the comfort of our offices for virtually painless and care-free hair removal.

At your first consultation, you will be provided with information about this life-changing service, how it works and how to prepare for treatment.  You will want to avoid sun exposure prior to treatment and leave hair follicles visible to aid in directing treatment.  A test spot may be provided at the first session and a medical history is taken to determine if hormonal imbalances like PCOS are an underlying cause of excessive hair growth. 
If hormone problems exist, women may wish to also consult with a endocrine specialist who will assist in stablizing the underlying hormonal problems.  Then, laser can remove the existing hair and its recurrence is minimized.

Treatments are usually spaced several weeks apart to allow dormant hair follicles to begin growing and thus become effectively treated at the next session. In as few as three to four treatments, this laser removes unwanted hair from the legs, arms, back, shoulders, upper lip, and the bikini area. Many people simply want to rediscover the ease, beauty, and confidence of hair-free skin and have that attractive appearance they've always desired.

Appointments and Costs:
  • Initial consultations are complementary.
  • Appointment times are flexible and after-work hours are available. 
  • Discount Package Prices are available for common body areas. 
  • Gift Certificates are great ideas and are available in various amounts.


What people say about our laser hair removal services:

CW, 6/18/14 - "BareSkin Laser Hair Removal has been one of the best eperiences I've had concerning my hair removal needs! Kelly, the laser technician, is professional, very knowledgeable and passionate about the services she provides. My results have been long lasting and have truly changed my life. I had suffered with excessive, non-hormonal hair growth on my legs and, was shaving my legs once or twice a day. Now I never shave them and have moved on to other areas. I cannot express how happy I am now, and only wish this new laser technology had been created sooner. I wholeheartedly recommend Kelly and BareSkin to my family and friends."

AL, 5/21/14 - "I chose laser hair removal and, without a doubt, it changed my life. I had hair issues since an early age, but turning 40, the new hairs made removal a morning ritual. I had always thought laser removal was too expensive or not effective, but after some research I found that NewLIFE offered both the affordability and effectiveness. The technician is friendly and always made me feel at ease. She personally understands my hair issues.  I always felt people were looking at my facial hair. The improvement was rapid, seems permanent and my self esteem has improved almost overnight. My only regret is not getting her help years ago!  Now, I love the way I look and feel."

SLH, 4/25/14 - "Before laser treatment, I was NOT happy with the way I looked and did not have any confidence in myself.  I decided to do something about the unwanted hair on my chin and upper lip.  I looked into several different treatments, and it seemed that the best option for me was laser hair removal.  I took several treatments for my problem areas, but now I no longer have the unwanted hair.  I love the way I look and have my confidence back!  After suffering so long and spending time and money not fixing the problem, I think this is some of the best money I have ever spent on looking better.  I would suggest laser hair removal treatment to anyone that has unwanted hair...anywhere!"

BT, 4/22/14 - "I thought it couldn't get any better until I tried this new laser.  It is faster and even more comfortable than the old one that broke.  I am not going anywhere else for laser. Kelly's got the latest and greatest !"

LR, 4/3/14 - "BRAND NEW LASER!  They always claimed that this brand of laser was almost painless, well NewLIFE & BareSkin have a brand new, 2014 laser.  Let me say, I've tried other laser models, this is by far the easiest and most pain-free I have ever experienced !  I know other ladies who were discouraged by discomfort at other laser places, but if so, they should try this new one.  Couldn't believe the difference."

TM, 12/2013 - "Although I realy needed laser hair removal, I hesitated because I thought it would be painful.   Kelly was wonderful !  She explained everything beforehand and did a test spot to help me understand how it works.  I was so relieved by how painless it was, particularly with this laser type.  And by the second treatment, I could see a BIG difference. Each visit, the number of remaining hair follicles was less.  I was also surprised with how affordable each treatment was and that they were spaced weeks apart.  In retrospect, I wish I had started with this much sooner."

SM, 11/2013 - Answers to common Laser questions:

1) What were your concerns or fears before starting laser treatment?  "I was concerned that it would not remove the hair, or that the process would take too long."

2) How were those issues resolved and how has your life changed? " Each treatment I receive, I see results! I'm so happy to not be concerned with hair removal. The time I took for removing hair in summertime was inconvenient. Since we live by the beach and in a warm climate, I'm so happy with the results. Not having to shave, pluck or wax is wonderful."

3) How effective and quickly did laser work for you? "I noticed great improvement after a couple of sessions. My skin is smooth and looks so much better."

4) Do you feel that laser is a good value? "Definitely!  I wish I would have begun sooner and am now having laser done on other areas of the my body. I've had laser on my face, lip, underarms, arms and legs."

5) Can you offer a good summary about laser hair removal to another person?  "If you are tired of shaving your legs, underarms, and bikini area, try laser. I would shave and still have bumps and it would only last one day. I'm fair skinned with dark hair and my legs and underarms are smoother than ever! If you are plucking hairs on your upper lip or face...stop! Try laser and you will never have to worry about this again."

RR, 10/2013 - "I have struggled with facial hair for too many years. Once I became exhausted from shaving, plucking, and layers of make-up, I tried other "light treatment" devices that did not work. I tried another brand of laser that simply hurt my face with every flash.  I thought I was doomed to suffer the rest of my life, until a friend begged me to try the lasers at "NewLIFE with BareSkin" (cute name and describes me!).  She was right.  It was a totally different experience.  Kelly and Dr. Lori took great care of me, and this kind of laser is so gentle, I could barely feel it.  MOST of all, it worked !  My face is literally hairless and smooth. No more shaving and plucking.  I am alive again and confident even up close to people.  I'm sharing this because I don't think I'm the only girl out there with this issue.  Please get to the right people.

JL, 7/2013 - "I wanted my legs and bikini area to be hairless by summertime, but figured that such a large area would be really expensive. I just didn't know the right Laser Hair Removal resources...but I do now!  It did take a lot of time (I've got long legs) but the visits were not frequent and the prices were VERY reasonable."  With my new, smooth look, I've had to go shopping for some new bathing suits."

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Patient Testimonials

 Shauna & Jeremy,

When we decided to start our family things did not go as planned. So we sought the help of an OB/GYN in our local area. After one long year of fertility pills and two exploratory surgeries, our OB/GYN told us that she had done all that she could do. We were emotionally spent and frustrated....



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